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"Taking time to nourish your Self is the most radical act of self-care there is"

ally franchi, CNP, ROHP, BScH.

My name is Ally Franchi, Holistic Nutritionist, Meditation Coach, and Founder of SoLuna Essentials. Welcome, and thank you for taking steps towards creating a beautiful, healthful, and inspired life for your Self.

As a Whole Foods Nutritionist & Holistic Health Coach,

I guide others to find emotional healing, by re-establishing the connection between the gut and the brain. I have  experienced life-long allergies, digestive issues, as well as anxiety, and depression in my adult years. I have been through the journey, and have seen, first-hand, the profound improvements a shift in our diet and lifestyle can bring. With a focus on healing herbs, and whole foods, mindfulness, and stress management, I work with individuals to develop personalized, and comprehensive wellness plans that make sense for YOU. Together, I can help you to tune into the natural intelligence of the mindbody, and learn to nurture your whole Self, naturally!

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holistic & heart led nutritional consulting

Re-establish the mind-gut connection, and find emotional freedom. Ally offers expert nutritional counselling, and develops individualized wellness plans made just for you. Ally will guide you through your wellness journey, and help you to lead a vibrant, wholesome, and healthy life. Book your complimentary discovery call and learn how Ally can best help you.

essential oils & wellness tools

Essential oils continue to be one of Ally's go-to tools for managing emotional and physical health. Shop safe, pure, and therapeutic grade essential oils in just a few clicks. Not sure where to begin? Book a discovery call to find which essential oils are best for you.

handcrafted all-natural personal care products

SoLuna Essentials is dedicated to providing natural solutions for the modern world. Handcrafted with love, Ally offers a variety of therapeutic perfumes, as well as natural face and body products to help you to nurture your whole self naturally.

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